Tune Hotel

Tune hotel - the cheap and cheerful budget accommodation choice

Tune Hotel

If you're always on the move for business or stopping off in transit for a day or two it becomes quite expensive to constantly book yourself into larger 3-4 star hotels for the night. This is where the Tune hotel has cleverly stepped in to help; located in 3 major travel through countries world wide (London, Malaysia and Indonesia) they offer guests a no frills budget option for their short stay accommodation. There are 9 branches in Malaysia, 2 in Indonesia and 1 recently built tune hotel in London each of varying size, but all follow the same basic design and decor.

Most of the Tune hotel branches have been conveniently located next to major airports, popular tourist areas or very central capital city locations that are easy to get to for first time visitors to the country. Rooms are very basic and have a clean/modern hostel like design; guests have a choice between the standard single and double sized rooms, though some branches, such as the Kuala Lumpur KILA airport hotel, which only offers visitors a choice of the larger double room.

You can choose between rooms with a ceiling fan or air conditioning depending on your needs, though this requires an additional fee. Other amenities that can be requested at cost include towels and toiletries, in-room WIFI internet access and a room with an electronic safe. Most tune hotel branches also provide a coin operated laundry area for guest use and an ironing room that can be used after paying a 10 dollar deposit.

Tune Hotel

If you're travelling late and require food and drinks, you'll usually find several convenience stores such as 7-11 in the downstairs lobby area of most Tune hotels. Subway sandwich outlets and Uncle Johns Kopitiam food court can be seen as a permanent fixture to nearly all of the hotels based in Malaysia, while the London and Indonesian based branches may have different food stores available in-hotel.

Tune hotels is connected with many of the budget tour and airline carriers, meaning you'll find a very helpful tour and ticket booking desk in every lobby area. If you're unsure of the country you're in, don't know where to go or where to eat then simply approach the friendly travel operators for help. Overall the Tune hotel is good value for what you pay for, it is not meant to be a luxury long stay hotel but a cheap and cheerful budget option. If you have a family then you may need to book 2 double sized rooms, as they are very limited in size.

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