Menger Hotel San Antonio

Menger Hotel San Antonio Historic Elegance

When you stay at the Menger Hotel San Antonio you step into another world. In the lobby you are whisked away to a classic Victorian era and you will be taken to a time of frontier history and legend. The hotel is housed in a building that was first built in 1859 on the site of the Texas first brewery. Over the years there have been more than one hundred and fifty refinements that have created the masterpiece that we see today. With recent updates and upgrades to the rooms there are very few hotels in the area that can beat this hotel. The staff at the Menger hotel is outstanding and they will do everything they can to ensure that you are having the ultimate hotel experience.

This hotel offers a number of services at the hotel, some of which are complimentary while there are others that must pay for at the time of the service. The hotel offers valet parking but this comes at a fee of twenty-five dollars per day. Pets are also permitted to stay at this hotel but this is also something that you must pay for at the time of your check in and it is important to note that this is not a small fee. There is also a small business center located on the ground floor of the hotel and you will be charged a nominal fee each time you use the business center services. However, guests of the hotel will have unlimited, free access to the fitness center and the pool.

The Colonial Room Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Menger Hotel San Antonio. The restaurant is a part of the building that has was added to the original structure of the hotel. This restaurant is open for breakfast seven days a week and it is often filled with people who are not staying at the hotel, simply because the food is that good. The meals are prepared fresh each day, nothing is prepared in advance and you will surprised to see how fast the meal comes from the kitchen to your table. The chef of this hotel uses only fresh ingredients when possible but you can easily taste the difference between meals that are prepared with store bought products.

Over the years it seem as if the Menger Hotel San Antonio has continued to grow and more rooms and floors have been added. This is a clear indication of how good this hotel is and how more space is needed to accommodate the ever growing client base. There are a number of rooms that have private balconies that offer a great place to go each morning and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee. In your room you can enjoy watching your favourite movie or show on the large television. A large work desk has also been placed in each room which is ideal for the business traveller who needs to finish up any last minute work.

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