Marriott Hotel Sydney

Marriott Hotel Sydney - the crown in the jewel of Australia

Marriott Hotel Sydney

Rising smartly out of the bustle around the Circular Quay, the Marriott Hotel Sydney is as much an anchor to the heart of the city's commerce as the very tourist hub that supports it. The grey brick and glass building of 32 floors hosts 508 rooms, including 42 suites and the opulent Presidential Suite which has been home to world leaders. Sydney's vital Central Business District close at hand is supplemented by the 15,000 square feet encompassed in 22 meeting rooms, many furnished like the board rooms of the companies who come there to confer.

Smoke free over the entire property, the Marriott Hotel Sydney provides ease and comfort with conveniences like underground valet parking, three concierge levels internet in every room and wireless throughout the public areas. A state-of-art gym and health club is complemented by the luxurious treatments at the spa and the relaxation enjoyed lounging at the illuminated glass-walled pool over-looking the city. Each room is tastefully appointed with contemporary furniture and the three story main lobby decorates classic chic with a strength of intimacy.

Culinary delight sparkles the menu of the Icons Brasserie restaurant, serving all meals in the taste of modern Australian cuisine with an emphasis on the tempting seafood buffet. The Macquarie Lounge off the lobby features coffee, cocktails and live entertainment while the newly refurbished Customs House Bar street side has a 150 year history of relaxing guests and citizens at the end of the day.

The Opera House and Harbour Bridge, world famous icons of the city, lie within reach of the Marriott Hotel Sydney, gently reminding the world weary traveler of their exact location and imbuing the weekend getaway couple with romance. The Circular Quay, the original point of landing for Australia's first settlers, still serves as the stepping off point for the exploration of all that Sydney has to offer. Before boarding the ferries to many other points, the Aquarium and other sites around the Quay provide a variety of entertainment and distractions.

Marriott Hotel Sydney

The historic Rocks Point District is the site of the original settlers of Sydney, an area of cobbled streets and narrow alleyways, a story around every corner, a trip back in time but with the warehouses converted to boutique shops, restaurants and galleries, creating new tales for the modern day. The interactive Discovery Museum delights children and adults alike. The open air market on the weekends is full of arts and crafts, live music and a magical atmosphere reminiscent of the centuries of its history.

Celebrating 30 years, the Sydney Tower Shopping Centre spikes upwards dramatically out of a complex of stores and restaurants, cinemas, laser and bowling amusements. At 286 meters above it all, the Tower offers a Skywalk that suspends the breath with each step over a glass floor , Sydney's highest and most dramatic view of the immense and vibrant Harbour so far below.

The Bondi and Manley Beaches are clear water, white sand retreats from the city bustle, while ocean voyages and excursions in the Bush are adventures easily planned by the staff. Although originally a land for convicts, no one feels like a prisoner at the Marriott Hotel Sydney.

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