Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat

Resort hotel on the edge of Flinders Chase National Park

Located at the entrance to Flinders Chase National Park, the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat puts visitors at the very heart of the vibrant wildlife that inhabits the South Australia island.

The hotel, which adopts an eco-friendly approach, is just a short distance from many of the islands favoured attractions, including a koala sanctuary, the seals at Admiral Rock and a large number of kangaroos, as you might have guessed from the name of the island.

A number of accommodation options are available for guests at the resort, ideal for travellers of any budget. As well as luxury suites, guests can stay in standard rooms that still offer a range of amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable. Alternatively, theres The Retreat, with its sympathetically designed structure to blend into the landscapes around it.

Guests can expect usual hotel facilities such as en-suite bathroom, television with access to a DVD library, air-conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, iron, and the likes. Some rooms, suites or apartments also feature cooking areas and interconnecting doors, which prove useful for families or larger groups that elect to visit the establishment. Many feature outstanding views of the surrounding landscapes, as well as courtyards and even the occasionally passing-by kangaroo.

Whilst some guests choose the self-catering option, others prefer to dine at the Nicholas Baudin restaurant, which serves breakfast and dinner daily. With indoor or alfresco dining options, the menu features a seasonally changing list of local dishes sourced locally. Ingredients are therefore fresh and delicious. As youre eating be sure to keep your eyes peeled for grazing wallabies. Guests venturing out for the day can request a packed lunch.

Guests at the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat will find no better attraction than the islands wildlife. Whether as a part of a guided tour or a private venture, visitors are assured to see a plethora of animal, birds, and fauna as they make their way around the varying landscapes on the island. From the wetlands to the white beaches, via the forests and dunes, there is more to see on the island that you have time for.

Flinders Chase National Park is a good place to start, offering a look at such Australian breeds as kangaroos, wallabies, possums and bandicoots. The coast area is frequented by seals, sea lions (which should not be mixed-up), and small penguins, which are as famous on the island as the eponymous kangaroo.

Those a little squeamish might want to avoid the likes of the Black Tiger snake and Pygmy Copperhead, both of which are venomous but rarely seen in the open. Bats and rats are also likely to unnerve some visitors.

Those looking to get back in touch with humankind following an epic journey through the wilderness may wish to visit some of the islands other townships which are home to restaurants, bars, and cafs, as well as a number of sporting activities. Go-carting is a particularly popular pastime in the area.

Returning to the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat, be sure to relax in comfort and prepare for another busy day tomorrow.

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