Journeys London Bridge Hostel

Journeys London Bridge Hostel Affordable and Convenient

The staff at the Journeys London Bridge Hotel are dedicated to providing service and accommodations to all of their guests. They want to give people more than just a cheap place to stay. This hostel has been designed for travellers who are touring the globe and are looking for an affordable place to stay while in the city. People have a misconception about hostels that they are drab, lifeless and are not always clean. This London Bridge Hostel goes against all of this and offers a fun, lively and clean place to stay. While staying here you are bound to make new friends and you will leave feeling as if you are part of a family.

This hostel is part of a long chain of hostels that strive to maintain the best accommodations and to make guests want to return time after time. In this hostel you will find the state of the art triple bunk beds which offers more space and beds therefore allowing more people to stay at the hostel at one time. The staff at the hostel will guarantee that you will receive the lowest prices in the city and if you find somewhere else that can offer the same accommodations at a lower price, Journeys will match the price.

The Journeys London Bridge Hostel has worked very hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They use lighting that energy efficient and they have upgraded the bathroom facilities to include water saving toilets and sinks. All of the beds have privacy curtains, not something you find in many hostels. You will also find reading lamps and utility boards in your sleeping space.

For those times that you do not feel like sleeping there is always something happening at the hostel. There are regular special events that are hosted by the staff at the hostel. The hostel has created pages on many social networking sites so that you can stay in touch with fellow travellers, make reservations and to find out what is happening at the hostel throughout the week.

When you stay at the Journeys hostel you do not have to worry about any hidden fees as most of the services offered by the hostel are offered free of charge. For example when staying at the hotel you will be give free access to the internet, you will be given a free breakfast each morning and the shower facilities while other hostels make you pay for a shower. Each day your beds will be changed and clean linens will be added to your bed. Many of the other hostels in the area have a curfew and guests must be inside at a certain time. The Journeys London Bridge Hostel does not enforce a curfew and they understand that guests should be free to come and go as they please. There have never been any problems with guests and they believe this is because they do not place restrictions on the guests. They also have a strict policy that if problems do arise you will be asked to leave.

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