International Inn Liverpool

International Inn Liverpool Lots of rooms to choose from

If you are travelling to the Liverpool area and are looking for a great place to stay that wont break the bank then you must look at the International Inn Liverpool. This hotel is a three star hotel that has won a number of awards for great accommodations, service and hospitality. In addition to offering an affordable place to stay, the hotel is centrally located and guests of the hotel can easily walk to everything that city has to offer including shops, restaurants and theatres. The International Inn is an eco-friendly hotel that offers a lot of free activities and is a great place to travel with the kids.

When it comes to booking a room, this hotel has a number of different options for you to choose from. You will find a number of dorm rooms mixed in with private rooms. The dorm room is the perfect choice when travelling with children or larger groups of people because they have more beds, more room and can accommodate up to ten people at once. The dorm rooms offer a hostel like setting and the entire room is open. If you are not booking the entire room there is a chance that someone that you do not know will also be sleeping in one of those beds. This means that a large dorm room may not be suitable when travelling with children but it is the most affordable.

The International Inn Liverpool also has private bedrooms with all of the comforts of home. These rooms are smaller and do not sleep large groups of people. In a private room you will have a private bathroom with a shower, a television and tea/coffee making facilities. In the private room you will also find a direct dial phone whereas in a dorm room guests must use a payphone. The private room is designed more for people who are planning on staying just one night as they tour around or just want a place to getaway for a weekend. To find out what the rooms are like you can look at the rooms online by looking at the hotels website.

To encourage people to stay at the International Inn Liverpool they offer a discount after you stay at the hotel a certain number of nights. When you check into the hotel you will be given a loyalty card that will be stamped each time you stay at an International Hotel. When you have stayed at an International Hotel for nine nights you will receive the tenth night for free. The way this free night works, is that you will be assigned the room type that you have chosen to stay in more often. If you have stayed in all three room types then again it will be the type that you have chosen most frequently. In order to redeem the free nights sleep there must be a five day period from when you last checked out of the hotel before you can check in again for your free night.

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