Hotel On The Park Cheltenham

Hotel On The Park Cheltenham Across the Street from the Ordinary

The Hotel On The Park Cheltenham is one of the finest hotels in all of Cheltenham. This is one of the few hotels that is perfect for both business and leisure travellers. The hotel has the state of the art business center that guests can use as much as they need to. Within walking distance of the hotel you will find everything that the city has to offer. All of the rooms are affordably priced and the accommodations are second to none. Besides for the great rooms, the staff at the hotel offer superior service and hospitality that cannot be matched by any other hotel in the area.

When making a reservation for a room at this hotel you may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices. The hotel has twelve different types of rooms choose to from. All of the guestrooms have been named after famous British people and have been decorated to reflect the history of that person. No matter what room you choose to stay in you will not be disappointed with amenities that you receive. The number of beds in each room will be determined by the number of people staying in the room and that can influence what room you are assigned. In your room you will find a large television with complimentary cable and on-demand movies. You will also find a DVD player and a variety of snacks in your room that you can enjoy while you watch your favourite show or movie.

Parkers Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Hotel On The Park Cheltenham. This modern and stylish restaurant offers a number of traditional English dishes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds. Guests of the hotel can overlook the stunning gardens across the park as they enjoy a great meal and great service. There are features in the restaurant that do reflect the way the restaurant once was but you can also see that things have been modernized and the combination of both has created a great place to eat in a relaxing setting. You can view some of the meals that are served at the restaurant by visiting the hotels website and downloading the sample menu that is available.

The restaurant is open seven days a week to both guests of the hotel and local residents. This hotel has won a number of awards for exceptional food and service in addition to superior food. Catering services are available and there is a hotel representative that will be pleased to assist you in making any and old catering arrangements. There are a number of great lunch specials offered throughout the week and there is no better time to grab something to eat then when its offered at a discount price. Hotel On The Park Cheltenham is a smoke free hotel and guests are asked to leave the property if they wish to smoke. Anyone caught smoking in their room will be charged a very large cleaning fee. Pets are not permitted to stay in the hotel unless it is a guide dog that is staying with its owner for assistance.

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