Heron Island Resort

Luxury resort located on the Great Barrier Reef

Heron Island Resort

Unlike many other vacation destinations in the region, the Heron Island Resort doesnt need to offer trips to see the Great Barrier Reef. Thats because it is actually found on the reef itself.

Heron Island is actually a coral cay, meaning it is formed of coral reefs. The isle, which is approximately 800 metres long and 300 metres wide, may be small but it happens to be one of the most diverse locations on the planet. Some 900 different fish species frequent the aquamarine waters as well as approximately 72 per cent of coral species.

With such a wide biodiversity existing on and around Heron Island, its no surprise to learn that the island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its also no surprise to find a scientific research station, run by the University of Queensland, on the isle. The research station is one of only a few developments other than the resort.

Guests at the resort are treated to a number of different accommodation facilities, including rooms and seafront suites. All accommodation includes an en-suite bathroom with shower, as well as a refrigerator, ceiling fan, hairdryer, umbrella, ironing facilities, and tea and coffee making facilities. Whilst these amenities add a certain amount of comfort, guests will soon forget about them when they view the petit island from their balcony or terrace.

For those that enjoy a little pampering, the Heron Island Resort also features the Aqua Sol Spa which serves a range of treatments aimed at creating a truly relaxed psyche and body. Those that prefer a more natural approach need only take a trip to the beach to enjoy the seawater and sun to its full extent.

The Shearwater Restaurant serves a buffet breakfast and lunch daily as well as a table dhte dinner menu. Tuesdays sees a proper Aussie BBQ replace the traditional dinner time menu, whilst Saturdays feature a local seafood menu. Those with specific dietary needs are also accommodated.

The lounge and bar makes for a quiet environment whilst the Wistari Room is a place to catch up with news and sport, or to attend talks by marine biologists.

Heron Island Resort

In terms of activity and entertainment, what more could you ask for than the stunning natural fauna and flora that resides upon the island. Those that wish to see the coral close up, and not just that at their feet, can venture into the Coral Sea for a spot of snorkelling or scuba diving. Those that want to catch a glimpse of the wildlife can do likewise, or wait for the sea turtles to make their way onto the sandy beaches. The number of bird species is also something to behold.

Air and sea tours offer the opportunity to see the other islands in the area, of which there are many, whilst the grounds of the Heron Island Resort itself are perfect for relaxation.

Finally, just for the record, there is no mobile phone coverage on Heron Island. How does that sound for complete and total bliss?

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