Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim

Exclusive cabin lodgings found on the Grand Canyons North Rim

The Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim is the only lodgings within the Grand Canyon State Park on the North Rim. As such, its an exclusive yet ideal accommodation option for those wishing to see the magnificent landmark in all its glory.

Not only is the Grand Canyon Lodge an ideal destination for guests to lay their hat, its also a historic landmark in its own right. The lodge was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

The resort lodge, which can be found at Bright Angel Point, offers a variety of lodgings, including western style cabins and motel rooms. Cabins accommodate between three and six people, with the larger of these featuring bunk-beds and rollaway beds. Each features a private bathroom, some of which are equipped with a bath or 3/4 bath, or a shower. These cabins offer some of the most spectacular views.

Motel rooms feature one queen bed and a rollaway bed for those that require such. A maximum occupancy of three is enforced. Each also offers a private bathroom with a shower.

The Lodge Dining Room serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A buffet breakfast and a la carte lunch menu are complimented by an evening menu that features regional cuisine alongside 1930s style dishes. Food is sourced responsibly, and where possible, features organic ingredients. A special childrens menu is provided.

The Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim also hosts a campground area and offers free parking to those arriving via car, bus, truck, and RV. A service station, gift shop, and camper store offers a range of necessities for all visitors.

Guests at the Lodge are offered some of the finest views from the North Rim, which is less populated and less visited than its southern counterpart as a result of historical migration patterns, and a land dispute between Arizona and Utah.

The canyon, which was formed over millions of years by tectonic plate shift and the Colorado River and its tributaries, offers visitors a stunning site of cavernous cliff faces, crevasses, and a wide variety of rock types. Varying layers of rock and sediment form bands in the rock face.

Its not just a stunning view that the lodge offers. Guests can also get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon itself. Visitors can embark on a mule ride, which lasts either an hour or half a day. Knowledgeable guides and wranglers lead the trek as sure footed mules pass along the narrow, precipitous tracks that wind through the canyon.

Visitors can also hike these trails on foot, again with a guide, or without. Five individual trails are recommended for guests to try-out: Bright Angel Point Trail; Ken Patrick Trail; North Kaibab Trail; The Uncle Jim Trail; and Widforss Trail. Each trail offers the opportunity for hikers to enjoy a range of landscapes, including alpine forest, the canyons springs, as well as the desert dirt.

Guests staying at the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim wishing to get the most out of any of these hikes are recommended to visit the area in May, September, or early October, when weather conditions are most suitable.

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