Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

With 2500 acres at your disposal, any time spent at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort on the warm side of the Rockies in British Columbia will be a vacation that you remember forever. The resort is open all year round with a wealth of activities to suit every taste in adventure or relaxation. People have been coming to this area to enjoy the healing powers of the hot springs since the latter part of the 19th century. The fresh mountain air will rejuvenate your body and soul.

There are three golf courses on the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Mountainside Golf Course, Creekside Golf Course and Riverside Golf Course. All three open in May and close in October. The ski slopes open in the winter and close in the spring. However, there are no closure dates for the hot springs from 8 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night.

The options in accommodations at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort are almost endless. The Mountain Lodge appears to be the favorite. You can have either a view of the mountain or a view of the pool. In each of these there are many choices, such as a room with a kitchenette or a standard hotel room. You also have a choice in a King sized bed or a Queen or with pull out couches so that the room can accommodate a larger group. There are motel style rooms available at Juniper River Lodge and if you really want to get close to nature you can set up camp at Spruce Grove Campground. There are still other accommodations available in the 11 cabins and cottages. If you are travelling to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in your RV, there is a place for this too in the RV Park.

Some of the rooms at Juniper Lodge allow pets. A daily fee of $20 applies to keeping a pet in your room. There is a pet policy to which you do need to adhere if you do want to have your pet in the same room.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

There is no shortage of restaurants at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. There are two in the main Lodge, one by the side of the pool, one in the ski lodge and one at each of the golf courses. Mountain Flowers is an upscale venue featuring fine dining, while the Misty Waters is the burger joint of the resort. Pub style appetizers are always available in the casual Bears Paw Lounge. There are also many venues where you can order take-out so that you can eat outside or bring it back to your room.

Along with enjoy the therapy of the hot springs with summer passes for every member of the family. You can take swimming lessons and enjoy the fun of the pool during the summer months. The main lodge of the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is the location of the BC Rockies Adventure Centre where the experienced guides can tailor any hiking or canoeing experience to meet your needs. There are numerous adventures possible when you make this resort your next vacation destination.

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