East Hotel Hong Kong

East Hotel Hong Kong - A high end hotel at reasonably low prices

East Hotel Hong Kong

Sometimes known as the pearl of the orient, Hong Kong is one of China's most unique and vibrant cities. This fast paced and exciting cosmopolitan is quickly becoming a popular holiday destination for adventurous travelers looking for something fresh and different. As a first time visitor you'll find that Hong Kong is busy all year round, with visitors arriving on a daily basis. That's why it's always important to book your accommodation before hand so that you can reserve a room in the perfect location, preferably in the center of town.

If you like the 24 hour buzz of big cities, but would also like to be able to retreat to a serene and comfortable environment in the evenings, then one hotel that has a slightly different feel to it is the East hotel Hong Kong. Situated in Quarry Bay on the East side of Hong Kong Island and standing at the edge of the harbor; this sleek boutique styled hotel has it all. Visitors are just 20 minutes from the Central CBD or 10 minutes from Causeway Bay shopping area; you can choose to travel by taxi or the local underground train which are all available right on the hotel door step. For those that need a brief break from the hustle and bustle there are 2 choices close by, you can either retreat into the massive Victoria park grounds or take a quiet stroll along the Hong Kong harbor front.

For those who like beautifully scenic views of the city, the East hotel Hong Kong offers a variety of room types, there's the urban view, harbor view, urban view corner, harbor view corner and suites. All rooms are decorated with a comfortable yet minimal modern style containing floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of romantic natural light; but it's the position of each room that gives it a special appeal. The "Urban View Room" faces into the city giving you a glimpse of Hong Kong life, where as the "Harbor View Rooms" face out toward the sea allowing a visitor an unforgettable scene; though both look equally amazing at night when the city really comes to life.

East Hotel Hong Kong

The hotel was initially marketed to business travelers, but it is also popular with holiday goers. This is because besides its ideal location, beautiful views, friendly staff and high quality rooms it offers a range of other amenities to make guests feel at home. The hotel is home to the "Feast" restaurant, a popular eatery visited by locals as well as the hotel guests; it offers a unique fusion of eastern and western dishes that appeal to every palette. If you're a particularly picky eater, no problem, there is a regular buffet styled all you can eat dinner and lunch menu prepared daily by a number of chefs from all over the globe. For an evening of relaxation there is the "Sugar" lounge and bar located on the roof, this trendy open roofed entertainment spot is always packed with both locals and guests; it has a range of drinks and a resident DJ who hosts regular dance nights.

After a long day out visitors are allowed access to the in hotel outdoor pool that is heated in the cooler months; also there is a well equipped gym area to help you blow off steam after a busy day of meetings or sight seeing. Overall the East Hotel Hong Kong is a good choice for travelers looking for a high end boutique styled hotel that is located a little outside of the busy city; on the plus side it offers quality rooms at decent prices and compared with other harbor view hotel rooms this place is quite cheap.

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