Dorchester Apartments

Varied apartments represent an alternative accommodation option

Dorchester Apartments

Dorchester Apartments offers visitors to this Dorset town an alternative choice of accommodation. Whilst featuring many of the amenities and luxuries guests can expect in hotels, apartments often have extra features as well as a feeling of homeliness and self-sufficiency.

Made up of an assortment of eight different apartments, this provider offers clean and comfortable apartments featuring a number of amenities. Guests can select between one and two bedroom apartments depending on what suits them best. Each apartment includes a bathroom, kitchen, and lounge area also.

Bathrooms are simplistic but include all of the necessities (WC, bath/shower, wash basin). Kitchens are fitted with all modern conveniences, including microwave, refrigerator, oven, washing and machine. The lounge area provides a locale for guests to sit back and relax. A large LCD television can be found within.

Apartments are self-catering meaning guests have the option of preparing their own food or dining elsewhere within the market town. On street parking is available at all sites, although some require a parking permit which is provided for a small cost. Check-in is self-service; guests are sent a four digit code to enter the building on their first day at the apartment block.

Each apartment provided by Dorchester Apartments is located within a short walk of the town centre, which makes this an ideal location for those travelling into the town via the railway or any other form of public transport, as well as by car. This also means those that do choose to cook for themselves have easy access to a number of groceries stores and supermarkets.

Dorchester itself is a rather quiet town, perfect for those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Within the city visitors can visit a number of museums, including the Roman Town House, the Teddy Bear Museum, and the Keep Military Museum. Two of the most fascinating museums within town are the Tutankhamun Exhibition, which focuses on the child pharaoh, and the Terracotta Warriors Museum, which showcases a small number of the statues that were created for Qin Shi Huang di, the first Chinese Emperor.

Dorchester Apartments

Many that visit the town head out further afield to view the magnificent Dorset coastline. The Isle of Portland, Chesil Beach, and Lulworth Cove are all of geographical interest, each demonstrating the effects of sea erosion. Amongst these are also some fine sandy beaches.

Further along the coast lies Weymouth and Poole Harbour. The former is a rather more vibrant town, especially during tourist season, with an assortment of attractions to visit. The latter is another settlement with an older atmosphere to it. The harbour itself has been created by the tidal sea and is believed to be one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Visitors can enjoy a boat trip around the harbour or even out to sea if they so desire.

For those looking for slightly more liveliness than what these locations offer, a stay at Dorchester Apartments can also incorporate a trip to Portsmouth or Southampton, which both offer entertainment more on a par with city life. Dorchester is a fine place to return to for peace and quiet though.

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