Covent Garden Hotel London

Luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Londons West End

Covent Garden Hotel London

Found amidst the theatres, shops, and restaurants of the West End, the Covent Garden Hotel London features luxury as standard. Guests can expect a luscious stay at a hotel thats within touching distance of many of the citys fabulous sites.

Each of the propertys 58 guest rooms is equipped with en-suite bathroom facilities, telephone, television with DVD player, safe, and minibar. 24 hour concierge and room service ensure that all the needs of the guest are met.

To enhance these luxury rooms, the hotel also includes a fitness gym, library, and private screening cinema. On Saturday evenings guests can enjoy a two course meal and the screening of a classic film for a very reasonable price. A drawing room also makes for a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

Brasserie Max, the restaurant serving the hotel, provides guests with a choice of fine European cuisine. Breakfast is served in the morning at a surplus price, whilst lunch and dinner are served later in the day. There are also three private dining rooms, accommodating between 25 and 40 diners, should you wish to enjoy a special occasion at the hotel.

With its close proximity to Londons business district, this is a popular resting place for many individuals visiting the city for work. As such the hotel includes several business services to ensure that work can be completed well and on time.

The Covent Garden Hotel London truly benefits from its location within the heart of the West End. Located on Monmouth Street, the world famous Shaftesbury Avenue is only a minute away a long with the historic Shaftesbury Theatre as well as the science fiction superstore, Forbidden Planet.

Covent Garden Hotel London

Its not only the Shaftesbury Theatre close by either. This is Theatreland so visitors can expect to find a huge range of theatres and playhouses. The Royal Opera House is also only moments away. The cinemas of Leicester Square are also within a brief walking distance. In short, its not exactly difficult to find entertainment around the hotel.

As well as entertainment, visitors can expect a deluge of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs. From fine dining to fast food, from exotic high-end bars to traditional dark pubs, from cutting-edge dance music to pop hits of the 70s, theres a plethora of entertainment on offer here.

Londons premier shopping districts are located nearby also. The markets of Covent Garden, the towering Portland stone finished buildings of Regent Street, and the high street shopping Mecca that is Oxford Street all offer potential shopping destinations for those with a healthy credit card and a sturdy carrier bag.

For those that are looking for a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city, a stroll along the banks of the River Thames can prove both therapeutic and enjoyable. Theres no shortage of sites to see, or activities to partake in, yet there always seems to be a calm atmosphere as the tidal river laps against its banks. The Covent Garden Hotel London is just a short walk or brief underground journey away.

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