Chatsworth Hotel Hastings

An historic hotel and landmark on Hastings fisherman friendly seafront

Chatsworth Hotel Hastings

Located on the seaside promenade the Chatsworth Hotel Hastings is only a few steps away from the towns harbours and fishing ports. It also lies in the shadow of Hastings Castle and the site of the renowned Battle of Hastings.

Freshly and respectfully decorated, the hotel is made up of 52 guestrooms each of which feature a wide range of facilities. Stylish ensuite bathrooms are included with all rooms. Electric goods such as satellite television, telephone, tea and coffee making machines, and a hairdryer ensure that your stay should be a comfortable one. A full English breakfast is offered to visitors daily, and makes for a good start to a relaxing day.

Whilst they are no longer as busy as they once were, the ports and harbours in Hastings are well worth a look. In some ways there is an old world feel to the sight of a fisherman preparing nets for casting. Elsewhere along the promenade, not far from the Chatsworth Hotel Hastings, youll find the towns pier. Like most piers in the UK, this one was built in the late 19th century and enjoyed heightened popularity during the 1930s, a time when seaside resorts enticed city folk away for one week a year. Today the pier is a husk of its former self following a fire in October 2010, with only the shell really remaining. Its also a bone of contention with locals who consider it an eyesore. Plans are currently being inked to restore the landmark.

The town of Hastings is most famous for a battle that took place in 1066 between the army of English King Harold II and the Norman army. The conflict that saw Harold shot in the eye and killed is taught to schoolchildren throughout the UK so much so that youd be hard-pushed to find a child that doesnt know what happened in 1066. The battle took place on Senlac Hill, about six miles from Hastings itself. If youre so inclined you can visit the town of Battle and see where Harold was believed to have fallen. A plaque marker has been placed at the

supposed location.Chatsworth Hotel Hastings

If you find yourself in Hastings during the Mayday bank holiday (the first Monday in the month of May) you can expect to witness a large festival as well as hordes of bikers. The Maydayrun sees motorcyclists descend upon the town from London.

If youre looking for a trip a little further afield, the town of Eastbourne and the city of Brighton lie further down the coast. Each offers a very different setting. Eastbourne is a relatively serene location with a relaxed stone beach, multiple theatres and picturesque parklands. Brighton is an urban hub with plenty of cultures spilling out from it. From the quiet North and South Laines (for shopping) to the hyperactive amusement parks on the seafront, theres a bustling multitude of sights and sounds.

Ultimately the Chatsworth Hotel Hastings provides guests with a nice historical backdrop and a peaceful location, as well as offering reasonable prices and comfort.

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