Bounce Hotel Sydney

Bounce Hotel SydneyBudget and Style in One Location

The Bounce Hotel Sydney is a five star hostel for the budget conscious traveler. It is located just across the street from Central Station for easy access for travelers. It offers dormitory-style rooms for backpackers and a free continental breakfast every morning. You get 30 minutes free Wi-Fi when you check in, air conditioning, security, large lockers for your belongings, a rooftop terrace, three awesome lounges and larger beds for couples.

The hotel can accommodate 4-8 guests in a single room plus private rooms with double beds or queen sized beds. There are plasma screen televisions for you to watch and many toilets and showers for common usage. The place strives to be environmentally friendly and clean at all times. Laundry is available on the third floor and they are of an industrial size. There is a full sized kitchen for you to cook meals or just boil water. There are places to store your supplies for a gourmet dinner you wont forget. There is a balcony on which you can barbecue a great meal. The balcony is a good place also to see the sights.

There is a dining area next to the kitchen with long communal tables for dining for many people. Meet other travelers at the meals and enjoy each others company. The rooftop terrace is perfect for relaxing or for having a party. There is a party atmosphere at the hotel that is completely infectious. There is a rooftop cabana for those who want some shade.

The Bounce Hotel Sydney has its own in house restaurant and bar. You can eat cheaply at the restaurant and enjoy cocktails with friends, new or old. The restaurant is called the Winking Lizard and is where youll eat breakfast every morning. There is also a full breakfast menu served at a bargain price at the restaurant. Lunch and dinner are provided as well.

The Bounce has a great travel desk from which you can order up the adventure of your dreams. The desk can direct you to local sites in Sydney or to outlying areas. You can go on gourmet tours, learn how to make chocolate, go diving, go snorkeling, visit koala bears, see kangaroos and see other wildlife at the various zoos nearby.

You get free half hour of Wi-Fi on arrival but can order up more Wi-Fi cheaply so you can stay online or get your email every day. Look up places to travel to or get more information on Sydney sites by surfing the net.

The hotel is located near many Sydney attractions. You can visit the Sydney central business district, the Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, Chinatown, Oxford Street, many clubs and pubs, the Westfield Shopping district and Darling Harbour. You can take a train to Kings Cross in Sydney and Bondi Beach is available by bus or train. There are theatres, live music and bands just around the block from the hotel.

The Bounce Hotel Sydney is a clean, budget friendly, dormitory-style hostel that provides you with everything youd want to see in the great city of Sydney.

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