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Paris FranceParis France is city that needs no introduction and a city is the global centre of art, food and romance, and is a dream destination for many around the world. A visit to Paris is an experience like no other, taking in the artistic treasures inside the Louvre, the breathtaking gothic architecture of the Notre Dame, and overlooking it all the iconic Eiffel Tower.

After taking in the 'big hitters', many visitors explore the famous neighbourhoods, such as the infamous bohemian area of Montmartre, home of the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur and the Moulin Rouge. Paris is a city of many guises, being a huge centre for art, music, literature, philosophy, fine food and fashion. There's no other city quite like it!

Main Attractions

The Eiffel Tower

The Tour Eiffel is an unmissable sight. The most photographed structure in the world, it can be viewed from many spots in the city. It is also open to visitors all year, with tours running till midnight in the summer. The top of the tower has incredible panoramic views of one of the world's most beautiful cities, and there is also a reasonably priced restaurant and a chic champagne bar, perfect for couples. Tours run in many languages where you will learn the unique history of the tower. The tower is even more spectacular night, a shining beacon in the city of lights.

The Louvre

Unfortunately, it would take a week to view the Louvre properly. Most visitors only reserve a morning or afternoon to visit, and most visitors go straight to the art wing. There is a huge collection of archeological treasures, but many will go straight to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and the Venus di Milo, the two blockbuster attractions in the museum. “Liberty Leading the People”, the most famous image from the French Revolution, is another popular piece, and an important relic of the history of France. Be prepared for crowds and keep an open eye for pickpockets, and experience the largest and most beautiful museum in the world.

Things to Do

French Cuisine

Paris FranceIf there is something Paris does right, it's food. Food is France's finest export, and the great part is there is incredible food available for every budget. A plate of duck rillettes and a glass of fine champagne at a Michelin Star restaurant by the Seine will be just as spectacular as a hunk of fresh bread and local cheese paired with a decent glass of red at a neighbourhood Bistro.

The Seine

Paris has fantastic public transport and is a good city for walking, but the best way to see the historical city is by exploring the Seine river. Boat trips curve around its many meanders, which will give you a sense of the cities' geography, heritage and romance. The river is dotted with beautiful bridges, and borders some of Paris's most famous sights, including the Notre Dame cathedral, home of the infamous hunchback.

Where to Stay

Paris sees millions of visitors every year, and there is a vast range of hotels, hostels and apartments available for any budget. Honeymooners won't go wrong with the Le Meurice Hotel, a former palace that is now the ultimate five star experience, complete with views of the Eiffel Tower, a spa and beautiful, classically decorated rooms.

Budget travellers will find plenty of hostels in central Paris, including the lovely Peach & Love Hostel or the Le Regent Montmartre, which has a spectacular location at a reasonable price.

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