Galway Ireland

Galway IrelandGalway Ireland is proudly the most "Irish" city in Ireland sitting on Ireland's peaceful West Coast and surrounded by rolling green countryside, with the feel of a welcoming village filled with traditional delights. Many of the homes and pubs are painted in bright and pastel colours, which line the way to beautiful Galway Bay, which provides some of the best oysters in the world (and often served in the local pubs and restaurants). Galway is a proud home of local art and artists, with festivals celebrating aspects of local and national art and performance nearly every week in the summer months. You can't turn a corner without hearing traditional folk music, catching street performers or stumbling on a shop selling local crafts. Galway is the perfect destination for those wanting the authentic Irish experience.

Main Attractions

Beaches and Galway Bay

Galway is lined with world class beaches, popular in the summer months. The water is clean, and lifeguards man the beaches til late for safer swimming conditions. Watersports are also very popular on Galway's coast, including windsurfing, diving and surfing. For those just looking to relax, the beaches around Galway are clean and perfect for a spot of suntanning or dipping your nose in a book. In the winter months, the beaches are still great for a bracing stroll and looking over the bay.

Galway City Museum

This modern museum began in 2006 and sees a stream of visitors who have seen Galway and want to know more about its history. Starting with a small collection of fossils recovered from the bay, the museum has now become a great collection of folk costumes, weaponry, textiles and traditional art from Galway and the surrounding area. The museum is often in a great location next door to the famous Spanish Arch and makes a great stop on a walking tour of Galway.

Things To Do

Walk Through Salthill

Galway IrelandSalthill is a popular area for visitors in Galway, with an attractive seaside promenade leading to Salthill beach that makes a brilliant walk. The area is also dotted with welcoming pubs serving local brews (and Guinness, of course), hearty grub and open fires. Salthill is also home to Blackrock Diving Tower, where more daring visitors can jump into the freezing ocean!

A Taste of Ireland

Galway is a great place to try some traditional Irish dishes, and is home to plenty of Irish restaurants and pubs selling hearty fare. The robust cuisine can be found in many forms here, but the most famous Galway dish is the seafood fayre, particularly the oysters from the bay.

Sheridans Cheesemongers is a brilliant deli selling local cheese and other delights alongside a range of wines that will pair with your cheeses perfectly. Sheridans on the Docks is the accompanying restaurant, this time focusing on local fish dishes paired with fresh steamed veg from the surrounding countryside.

Where to Stay

Hotels around Eyre Square are the best for location when it comes to Galway, and the Victoria Hotel is a good choice for a small to medium budget. The Hotel Meyrick on Eyre Square combines elegance and luxury to make the perfect base for your trip to Galway, including a rooftop hot tub overlooking the city!

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